What kind of CBD oil cartridge are you using now?

If you search the “CBD oil” cartridges, there are many different brands for you to choose. Most people knows these brands: The 710 Kingpen, Exotic Carts, Mario Carts, Rove, Brass knuckles….

vape pen brands

(Photos from weedmaps)

There are so many different brands, how to I choose? If you compare the cartridges from all the brands, you can find that there are just two types:

  1. The top airflow cartridges.
  2. The bottom airflow cartridges.

What’s the difference between them?

  • Top airflow cartridge

When mentioned the Top airflow cartridge, Cartridges by Rove and Cannabiotix use top airflow, but the fact that it is top airflow does not seem to effect things on prefilled carts as much as it does on vape pens.. The airflow holes usually are on the mouthpieces. some are two holes, are are four holes, and a few cartridges can adjust the airflow holes, like the cartridge in the photos. It provides a chance for you to adjust the holes to gain the best experience.

  • Bottom airflow cartridge

In the beginning almost all vape pens were bottom air flow. Check our bottom airflow cartridges.

Some cartridges have two bottom airflow holes, but most are four holes. Vape companies developed on bottom airflow to include more holes that were larger and better placed to achieve optimum vape airflow. Originally vape airflow on the bottom had much smaller holes on most vape pens. Larger holes will add a chance to leak oil.

Most brands prefer to the bottom airflow cartridges, because the air goes into the bottom of the cartridge, it can mix the oil and bring you a purer flavor compared to the top airflow cartridges. Of course the top airflow cartridges also have its advantage, because the airflow is on the top, there is no holes on the bottom, so avoid the leakage problem.

Overall, if your goal in vaping is a strong flavor, then I’d recommend the bottom airflow. In contrast, if your goal is cloud chasing, then I’d recommend a top airflow, depending on what you are looking for. You can experiment to find which way you prefer your vaping experience to be like, and change accordingly.