You should know these before you select package for your CBD products

Nowadays there are great demands for CBD products packaging. They serve as essential marketin tools when it comes to brand recognition. Baish Packaging is here to offer you custom CBD boxes printed and crafted to precision. e offer customization and packaging solutions for everything related to your CBD needs. This includes custom vape cartridge boxes, perfect for medical marijuana, hemp oil, and cannabis.


Here there are many types of the packaging. Different packaging for different CBD products.

As we all know that there are many brands of the CBD cartridges, each brand choose different packaging for their products. The clamshell(blister), paper box, mylar bags, childproof box, gifted box are comm0n to us.

  • Clamshell(blister) for CBD cartridge

At first, the clamshell is the most popular one. Because you just need to design a insert card, it is easy for you to custom your cbd cartridge packaging. Here are some brands choose the blister for their CBD cartridge.

CBD living: 

They choose the blister packaging for their CBD cartridge, CBD vape pen kit, disposable vape pen.

cbd cartridge blister, cbd packaging blister, cbd packaging, cbd clamshell

How should we do if I want to choose the blister package for my CBD products?

Here is the tips:

  1. Draw a profile of the blister you want, and design the insert card. The file in AI and PDF will be better for us to print. (Choose the blister shape, size and design the insert card) .If you don’t know how to draw the profile, here we can provide you some blank template of the blister for you, you just need to design the card.

cbd cartridge blister, blister package, cbd packagingcbd cartridge blister, blister package, cbd packaging  Provide us the size of the cartridge or the vape pen. we make a samples for you to confirm.  After you confirmed, then we will make the package in bulk. Usually the moq is 2000pcs if you want to customize.


  • Mylar bags

The EXOTIC CARTS  and MARIO CARTS are popular in the last several month. It is a trend and many people want to have their own mylar bags for the CBD products.

Mario bags, exotic bags, cbd cartridge,


exotic carts, mario carts, cbd carts bag, supreme carts, mylar bags

The Mylar bags are easy to carry and colorful, it becomes popular.

Usually there are many flavors for the oil. so you may need to design 7-8 different bags.

As for us, the moq of the each flavors need to be 10kpcs. it is a high moq for many clients. And also need to design many different flavors, it is a huge work.

  • The paper box

The paper box is the most common one, you can see it everywhere.  There are many different type for the paper box.

custom gold foil slide box vape packaging CBD oil vape cartridge packing box for cartridge

custom gold foil slide box vape packaging CBD oil vape cartridge packing box for cartridge

custom gold foil slide box vape packaging CBD oil vape cartridge packing box for cartridge

For the box customize, the moq is 2000pcs.  And there are many process for the paper box, such as the foil, uv…

All can do depends on your choice.


Anyway, there are many choice for you to customize your package.


We offer a wide variety of quality packaging and printing for your CBD products Depending on your desired material, cost and turnaround time, we have the ability to manufacture your order locally or overseas. Our design team is standing by to help bring your branding ideas to life.

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