It is becoming a popular trend to vape CBD cartridge, almost everyone has a vape carts in USA. Seems that everyone knows the cartridge well, but when cartridges happen problem, many people don’t know the reason and how to solve.

  • The hardware accessories

  • The Key part: Coil

  • The sealing part

As a vape cartridge manufacturer, here I will list some problems that usually happen and how can we avoid and solve it.

  1. Leakage

Leakage is the problem that everyone has met and hate. Why it leaks???

In fact, many factors can affect the leakage rate. The key is the sealing. You can check all the parts of the cartridge to see what parts will affect the sealing.

  • Mouth tip: there is a sealing ring in the mouth tip, if the sealing ring not put well, broken or the size too large or too small, will leak from the bottom.
  • Crooked center post rod: It usually happen to the 1.0ml cartridge. the center rod is longer than 0.5ml, when assemble, it is easily crooked if the worker are new one to operate, this process needs a skilled work to operate.
  • The performance of the coil: if the coil oil absorption rate is low, it is easily have the burn taste, but if the coil absortion rate is high, it will easily leak and suck oil. The importance is how to find a balance to ensure not burn and not leak or suck oil.  This needs to test many coils  to find the best one.
  • The intake holes: 0.9mm/1.2mm/1.6mm/2.0mm, all kinds of different size, these depends on the thickness of the oil. Usually we ask clients about their oil percentage, then can recommend a right one to fit their oil. now 1.6mm and 2.0mm are the most two size in the market, these big size can help big vapor. but If your oil is a little thick , you can choose 1.6mm. if you want a big vapor, you can choose 2.0mm.
  • The top cap and bottom cap can help decrease the leakage rate.
  • For the top filling cartridge,  Upside down the cartridge can help decrease the leakage rate.

       2. Burn taste

  • The coil:all though for now almost all the cartridges are the ceramic coil, but the quality are different.

Some good coil can give you a pure taste, no burn taste no matter how you vape.

Some not burn but will burn after vape several times.

Some has a strange taste when vaping

The coil is tiny, but plays an important role.

  • The thickness of the oil

It will have burn taste because your oil is too thick , if the intake holes are too small and the coil oil absorption rate is low, the oil can’t come into the coil timely, the coil will burn, then it taste burn. once the coil burn, every puff is burn taste.

3. Not working, no vapor.

The cartridge is short circuit or open circuit.

  • Short circuit: what cause the short circuit? Check the below pic, you can see there are two pins of the coil, one is the positive electrode another one is the negative electrode, when they touched, short circuit. this will happen during the assemble for the new workers. If  the factory not practice the new worker about this, high chance to happen the short circuit.

  • Open circuit: For now we know there are two places will happen the open circle.

The top air flow cartridges is high chance to happen, such as the smartcart, v9 carts.

As the below pic, if the central post is not enough long, it can’t touch the electrode. it will open circuit.

The bottom part is too short, it can’t touch the electric rode of the battery, will also not work. you can check the red circle part.

I just list several common problems that everyone may meet. if you have any other question about the cartridge, please leave your message here or whatsapp me(+8617328511751), I am always on line, and glad to answer your question.


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