The Rove vape carts has a nice design packaging, childproof packaging, Hollow Rove design, I really like it.

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They rove has many seriers, the black one, green one, white one and the red one. But many are confused on how many of each seriers. Here I will list the different series we have.


     Hybrid       Platinum scout

Hybrid      Golden goat
Hybrid      White widow
Indica        Moutain goo
Sativa         Super sour diesel
Sativa       Sour tangie

Indica                          Kush

Hybrid                   Cookies

Hybrid                         Glue

Sativa                      Sangie

Indica                 Skywalker

Hybrid                   Sherbet

Indica                          Ape

Sativa                    Haze

Sativa                    Waui

Hybrid               Dream

  • White one   for now we don’t have
  • Red one  for now we don’t have

We also have many other brand cartridges

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