The newest version smartcart magnet gift box now released. They called it clear smartcart, blue theme. The master case can hold 30pcs small boxes. the inside eva is the blue one.  For this version, there are  10flavors.



First let us check the master case.

There is a sentence in the box cap: “Step towards healthier smoking, giant leap for pure bud.


Let us view the flavor list of the box:

Clear Edition Smartcart
1 Blue cookies Hybrid
2 Purple Punch Indica
3 Orange cookies Hybrid
4 Gelato 45 Hybrid
5 Jet Fuel OG Indica
6 Glazed Apricot Hybrid
7 Super Glue Indica
8 Punch Cake Hybrid
9 Fire OG Indica
10 Supreme Dream Sativa

All these flavors are in stock. If you want these, you can email us or message on whatsApp.

Here is the contact information:

[email protected]

whatsapp: +8617328511751