CBD vape cartridge

What are CBD vape cartridges?

These days, the choice to use vape pens over smoking seems to be growing in popularity.

Among the many products within the fast-growing cannabis industry are refillable vape cartridges, also known as marijuana vape carts.

Vape cartridges are small (often refillable) pre-filled units or attachments containing extracted cannabis oil designed for vaporization.

While vape cartridges come in a variety of styles, as well as branding, typically they come in the form of a small cylinder containing the following:

  • Mouthpiece – the tip of the cartridge that allows the user to inhale the vapor through the device
  • Chamber – the area of the cartridge which is pre-filled with cannabis oil in a specified quantity
  • Battery – some cartridges are paired with a rechargeable battery; others include a disposable battery
  • Atomizer – known as the heat source; attached to the battery, the atomizer section produces heat when activated, vaporizing the cannabis oil for inhalation

For avid users, whether for medicinal or recreational use, refillable vape cartridges are a major benefit. Not only do they allow instant refills, users have the ability to carry around and use a variety of oils.

This is especially beneficial if you’re a wholesaler selling vape pen cartridges in bulk – you can help your clients serve their customers with flexible, on-the-go refillable options.

How do refillable vape cartridges work?

Vape cartridges are known for their ease of use. While most catridge products work similarly, there will be a few variations among specific brands and individual products.

Essentially, there are two components: the heating element/pen-like battery and the cannabis-filled cartridge that screws or slides onto the “pen”.

Once the two are connected, users need to activate the battery by pressing the button on the vaporizer (some batteries are activated automatically).

In turn, the battery heats the coils, vaporizing the oil – then it’s off to the races. The user can inhale and their favorite cannabis oil.

As a side note, for stand-alone cartridges, a standard 510-threaded rechargeable battery may be required to complete the vape pen.

A few things to keep in mind regarding getting the most out of a vape pen cartridges include:

  • Keeping the unit clean, especially around the threading on the cartridge and the battery to ensure a good connection when attached
  • Being mindful of prolonged use, which can cause overheating or a shutdown
  • Knowing your battery and troubleshoot when required; look for blinking or a color change battery indicator color
  • Purchasing from reputable sources; whether buying empty vape pen cartridges or wholesale vape cartridges, do your due diligence

The Benefits of Purchasing Refillable Vape Cartridges Wholesale

Any retailer wants to source the best quality products for the lowest amount of strain on their budget. This is where wholesalers come in.

For those unfamiliar, wholesalers typically buy large quantities of products directly from manufacturers for a discounted price

.They are rarely involved with the actual manufacturing of the products, focusing instead on selling the products to distributors, retailers, and others in smaller volumes.

Further, some wholesalers are specialists in one or a few product verticals, such as empty vape cartridges and other vape pen products, while others offer a wide variety of products.

In addition, wholesalers can either offer items for sale to many or focus on one type of business for their products.

Regarding retailers, in particular those in the market for vape pen cartridges, refillable vape cartridges, 510 cartridges, and/or other vape accessories, buying wholesale can be extremely beneficial – below are a few pros:

  • A streamlined wholesale purchasing process
  • Improved supply chain management
  • Savings through various promotions and discounts
  • Early access to new products
  • Gain a strategic partner, helping you to scale your business

Other considerations retailers should consider when thinking about going the wholesale route include:

  • Choose the right wholesale partner that fits your business intentions; for specific verticals or products, visit the manufacturer’s website for a list of distributors or email the company for a list
  • Consider distribution schedules, delivery times, and whether you can purchase quantities that make sense for your business
  • Pay attention to customer demands and the amount of inventory necessary to meet those demands, without much overstock
  • Compare wholesalers, as they are not all created equal; depending on your niche or products, you may want to go with a smaller, independent wholesaler, as they tend to source and sell specialized products

Overall, partnering with a wholesale provider will afford you more time to build and scale your business, while reducing stress and enjoying mitigated risk.