YMER LCD Display CBD Oil Vaporizer battery Variable Voltage cbd vape pen battery

The Feature of DF

1.Portable rotating collector atomizer

2.Pre-heat type

3.Output Short-circuit Protection

4.Portable electronic smoke

5.5 consecutive switches in 2 seconds;
Adjust the voltage of 3 times in 2 seconds;
2 successive air preheating modes in 2 seconds.


Security protection:
Disposable normal smoking for more than 10 seconds
Preheating mode: working voltage 1.8V within 10 seconds
Output short circuit protection
Low resistance protection
Low voltage protection
After folding, the nebulizer is in a state of power failure


Products Name  YMER CBD Vape Cartridge Battery 
Battery Capacity 650 mah
Variable Voltage 3.2-4.2V
Power 3-20W
Display Style LCD Display Battery power and Voltage
Fit for All Cartridges under 12mm Dia
OEM / ODM Welcomed
Certificate CE,ROHS,FCC
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