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CBD oil filler machine

1. Automatic operation, Easy to operate,

2. Stable lnjection quantity controlled by length, Metered product delivery.
3. 100pcs/tray, it would take 2-3 mins to fill 100pcs.
4. Using common syinge, Easy to replace.
5. Stainless steel reservoir(300ml), Heating here.
6. Can fill CBD oil to universal 510 cartridges, disposable pens
7. 100% no leakage after filling, automatic capping
8. Package with wooden case, no damage


Model  Filling machine
Brand Baish Tech
Process range X/Y/Z  X300 * Y300 * Z100mm
Speed of motion  500mm/s
Positional Accuracy  0.05mm/Axle
Repeated Accuracy  +/- 0.03 mm/ Axle
Machine size  L550 * W 550 * Z 650mm
Storage  Control Card 16MB
Extended Storage  2 GB
External Communication  SD Card
Displayer  LCD
Driving method  Step motor + Timing belt
Programmable Graphic  Point, line, circle, arc, continuous line, etc.
Double Y axle  Upgrades Available
Edit mode  Demonstration
I/0Signal  24in / 22out
Power source  AC220V(+/-10%/50-60Hz)
Working life  Over 10years
Standard set include 1 x  Fill machine

1 x  Pressure barrel

1 x Oil pipe
1 x Air pipe

1 x  Custom made jig
1 x  Filling needle kit

1 x User manual
1 x Wood box for machine
1 x Wood box for barrel


1. Custom made Jigs

2. Heating equipment near needle

3. Heating stainless steel barrel (with or without Agitator)

4. Heating transfer oil pipe ((Teflon & anti-heating material)

5. Capsuler filler jigs


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