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Luer Lock Glass Prefilled CBD oil Syringe

1:The syringe is made from heat resistant I-class borosilicate glass.

2:The material and construction is resistant to breakage from shock and sudden temperature changes.

3:It is annealed and tested until free of internal strain, to withstand repeated washing with hot water.

4:The cylinder-plunger fit is leak proof and meets.

5:Plunger is individually ground and fitted to barrel for smooth movement with no back flow.

6:Barrel rim can be flat on both sides to prevent rolling or round type. It is wide enough for convenient finger top grip.

7:The CBD syringe can be clearly marked with graduations. The graduations are permanently fused for lifetime legibility.

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Glass Prefilled CBD oil Syringe

1ml, 2ml and various capacity empty Luer lock CBD oil glass syringes, the cbd oil sytringe is an easy tool to refill CBD cartridges.

The cbd oil syringe is designed for the dab and oil concentrates and it wont waste a single drop of your goods.

And it will be one of the cleanest and easiest way to distribute concerntrates with an silicone rubber cap to lock it airtightly.

• Size: 1ml/2.25ml/3ml/5ml
• Material: Boroscilicate Glass
• Assembly: Three parts
• Heat resistant and airtight
• Medical grade and sterile packaged
• Syringe cap included

Prefilled Syringes(Prefil Syringes, Prefillable Syringes) are indispensable in the medical field.
Since the drug solution is prepared in the syringe, it is highly excellent in handiness, safety and sterility.
Followings are our prefilled syringes.

Product Description
Product Name
Glass CBD oil Syringe
E-cig (CDB oil ) ,Cosmetic(Hyaluronic Acid Injection and Storage ) ,Pharmaceutical packing
Luer cap or luer lock
4 million pcs per Month
Delivery time
15-30 days
10,000+100 class cleaning workshop
 logo and graduation printed
Payment terms
T/T, Paypal, West Union
Glass Barrel
Neutral glass tube from Schoot
Stainless steel with different size
Needle Shield
Plunger rod
PS or PE
plunger stopper (Rubber stopper)
Chlorobutyl/Bromobutyl rubber (CIIR)
Silicon oil
Nest box
Sterile bag
Tyvek bags
1ml Standard
1ml standard with needle (25G/27G)
1ml standard luer
1ml standard luer Lock (with rigid tip cap or flexible tip cap)
1ml Long(slightness)
1ml long with needle (25G/27G )
1ml long luer lock (with rigid tip cap or flexible tip cap)
2.25ml with needle (25G)
2.25ml luer slip
2.25ml luer lock (with rigid tip cap or flexible tip cap)
3ml Luer slip
3ml Luer Lock (with rigid tip cap or flexible tip cap)

Additional information

CBD oil syringes capacity

1ml, 2.25ml, ml


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