Mix2 vape battery Specification:

Cartomizer Capacity: 1.0ml, 0.8ml, 0.6ml, 0.5ml, 0.4ml available
Working Volt 3.3v~4.2v Battery Capacity: 280mah
Touch Vape Pen: Touch the tip for on/off, preheat and volt
Vape: No button. Just inhale to vape
On/Off: 5 touches on tip for on/off
Variable Volt: 3 touches on tip, 2.4v cyan, 3.2v blue, 4.0v
Preheat Function: 4 touches on tip to preheat. Touch or inhale
to stop it.
Battery Level Indicate: Keep finger on tip to see battery level:
Low Red; Med Yellow; High Green, Charming LED indicator

Mix2 vape battery Easy Charging Process:

Connect the adapter through USB, c harging indicator light will change from green to red .W hen the charging is complete, t he indicator light will turn green again.