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The Best Semi-Automatic Cartridge Filler


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Baish Cartridge Filler
The Baish Semi-Automatic Cartridge Filling Gun can fill 100 CBD vape oil cartridges, empty disposable pens or syringes in less than 5 minutes. With its revolutionary annular heat barrel your oil will always be the exact temperature you want and will never run the risk of burning caused by direct contact with a heating coil. 
The Baish advanced digital temperature control unit is built out of a durable and heat dissipating aluminum to give you years of trouble free use. The easy to program LED display allows you to set the exact temperature you want from room temperature to 194f. Data from the control unit is transmitted to the gun via a five foot flexible silicone cord that has been reinforced with fiberglass for strength. Both the power and data cords are detachable for easy storage. 

Desired cartridge volume is adjusted using an easy to read dial in 0.5ml increments from 0.5ml – 2.5ml. Oil is precision dosed via a stainless steel piston and drip free stainless steel luer-lock tip.

The revolutionary heat barrel is custom fabricated of black anodized hardened aluminum and provides an annular air space surrounding the oil. The air is evenly heated and prevents the oil from overheating that can be caused by direct contact with a heating element. The Heat Barrel was also designed with a built in thermal fuse that protects your oil from ever overheating.

The stainless steel oil needles are heated to prevent the dreaded oil lock.

  • Precision Made Simple: Easy to read dial allows you to set your volume in 0.5ml increments allowing you to fill 0.5ml., 1.0ml., 1.5ml., 2.0ml. or 2.5ml. with a single squeeze! Oil is dispensed with a slight (.125”) squeeze of the gun. Dosage is measured using a stainless steel piston with a no-drip stainless steel luer lock tip to deliver precision every time.
  • Temperature Control: The advanced digital control unit allows you to set the exact desired oil temperature from room temperature to 194 with only a 1° margin of error. Our revolutionary heat barrel is built with an annular air space surrounding the oil to reach and maintain temperature evenly and safely without burning the oil.
  • Protect Your Product: The Baish carts filler  is built to protect your oil.
    1. The advanced control unit is designed to never exceed 194f to prevent user error overheating the oil and burning off terpenes.
    2. Every gun has a built in safety that will shut off all heat if the oil ever reaches 212f (100c).
    3. Our revolutionary Annular Heat Barrel is designed with an annular air space surrounding the oil barrel. That air is what is actually heated which prevents the oil from ever coming in direct contact with any heating elements and burning the oil.


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Brand cartridges
Branding your brand

Print/Laser your logo on the cartridge .

Cartridges are quickly taking more and more market share and the best way to stand out against the competition is to use a custom branded cartridge. Our cartridges are tested and guaranteed to have less than 2%  failure ratewhen filled correctly and used with the right type of oil. Our cartridge and oil experts are able to work with you to select the corect cartridge for your oil and then put your brand on it!

Print/Laser logo on the battery.

All of our cartridge vaporizer batteries and can be printed with your company logo. We have the ability to print custom pantone battery colors, customize the LED light color, laser engrave the light cap and more. All custom vape batteries come with a one year no question warranty.

Packaging customize.

Vape cartridge packaging not only protects the cartridges from being damaged but also increases brand identity, brand recognition, and brand loyalty, which play a tremendous role in the number of sales transactions that occur, as well as your bottom line.

If you want to get ahead of the competition and make a great first impression on new customers, as well as prospects, wholesale vape cartridge packaging may be the route you want to go.

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(1) Discuss the order details.

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(4) Prepare the mechandises.
(5) Deliver the goods and also provide you tracking ID.
(6) We’ll track the goods until you get them.

2. What’s the Delivery time?
(1) Samples order: 1-2days, bulk shipment 3-7days.
(2) OEM package: usually 7-10days.

3. How to pay?

(1) We accept Credit card , PayPal ,Western Union and T/T, PayPal.
(2) If needed, bulk order 50% front money and 50% rest transfered before shipping.
(3) No payment collection. We can deliver products only after receiving full payment.

4. What is your minimum order quantity?
20 pieces.

5.Can we get samples for free?

I’m afraid that we cannot send you samples for free. We’d like to cooperate with you, but I believe it’s quite understandable that we have raw material cost, labor cost and time cost. However, Sample fee will be returned when you make the next order.